Join the 17-for-17 SMS Awareness Campaign

Smith-Magenis Syndrome is a result of a micro-deletion or mutation on the 17th Chromosome, and SMS Awareness Day is held on 11/17 each year. The idea behind 17-for-17 is to do 17 things to honor and bring awareness to this very rare and little known genetic disorder.

For example- Jen Iannuzzi, of Wilton, CT; Monica Mason of Cochranville, PA and Missy Longman of Miramar, FL will each be riding their Peloton’s  in 3 separate locations to hit a grand total of 17 rides! WE CARRY EACH OTHER!

Other examples might be running, walking, or riding 17 miles, doing a certain activity for 17 days, making 17 items or doing 17 acts of kindness.

We ask that you submit pictures or videos of your 17-for-17 activities, and these will be posted on our social media pages throughout the day on 11/17/17. We hope this is a fun way to get creative to shine some light on this rare genetic disorder and to help bring awareness for all of our loved ones affected by Smith Magenis Syndrome.

Please email all submissions to board member, Jessica Rogers at

We can’t wait to see what you come up with to spread SMS awareness throughout your community.