Greetings from the Iannuzzi brothers.

As many of you know our little sister Sydney has a rare genetic syndrome called Smith Magenis Syndrome(SMS). Every day we do our best to support her but we wanted to come up with a way to do even more for her and other kids like her. As many of you know our mom, Jennifer Iannuzzi, co-founded The Smith Magenis Research Foundation (SMSRF) in 2010 to raise much needed funds for SMS research and we wanted to jump on board and raise some dollars too. This upcoming school year (2017-2018) we will be collecting bottles and cans to recycle and every penny will go to the SMSRF.

Pease consider helping us out by allowing us to recycle your empties for you We would be happy to pick them up from you or you can drop them off to us – whichever is easier for you.

We can be reached at for pick up or drop off info.

You can also follow us on Facebook at Recycle for Research.   

For more information about SMS and the SMSRF please visit our website at

Thank you for your support !

Ben and Cole Iannuzzi